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I believe honesty counts. EXCELLENT atmosphere for special dates, parties, casual conversation, and family friendly!!! I felt the service was great. Waitress we had did excellent with explaining ingredients/details with to me--believe me I ask A LOT of questions. Was great to have a waitress who was also happy and smiling which made us felt more welcomed. There is a WIDE variety of food, not just Mexican or Italian but with some classic American dishes too! Our plates were filled with fresh ingredients, beautiful presentation and a lot to fill you up. I felt the prices were great and within anyone's budgets. This restaurant also does "Carry Outs" -- you order and YOU pick it up! So that's really cool to know!! I think Chef Jason did wonderful job on our meals, and any staff who helped make everything come together. We definitely will be coming back for more! I was sincerely amazed with the restaurant. This restaurant has come a long way from 20 years ago that was last time I ate there. Something I also liked was on the recipient they have tip scales and what it would be which definitely comes in handy I feel. Sorry for the long review!

Jamie R.

Featured Customer